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The Timeshare Cancellation Experts.
Wesley Financial Group, LLC was founded by one of the pioneers of the timeshare cancellation industry. We have helped over 12,000 families and have canceled over nearly $50,000,000 of timeshare debt in 2019 for our clients. 

So what does that mean for you? It means we know how to get out of a timeshare successfully which in turn gives you peace of mind. Chuck McDowell, our CEO, fought the largest timeshare company in Federal court for the right to help timeshare owners that have been lied to and won. Now he is here to help you!
Learn more about Chuck McDowell's story below...

"I can say that four days in front of a Federal judge and listening to them talk about how horrible of a person I was by helping people cancel their timeshare that they've been lied to about... was very strange.

...I literally sat for four days and in my left hand I had a Buckeye and in my right hand I had a cross -- and I was rubbing both of them."
100% FREE. Packages are shipping today!
Get out of your timeshare. Legally and honestly. 
We proudly maintain an A+ rating, Accreditation, and a 5 star review from nearly every one of our clients. 
Wesley Financial Group, LLC is a financial services company that assists timeshare owners in terminating their timeshare, along with all existing mortgage and maintenance fees. 

Over 150,000 people have reached out to us for help and we've cancelled over $60,000,000 in timeshare mortgages and maintenance fees.

Could you use our help?

We suggest spending some time to go through all of the information on this page.

From meeting some of our staff to hearing from a few of our past clients,  we're certain that you will find this page highly beneficial.
Real Testimonials From Other Families
Terrell & Rachel S.
"We had been lied to, mislead, and told we could never get out of our timeshare. We were told several times that if we added points we would be able to keep our benefits and help pay our loans and fees. Each time we found that the only thing that changed was our debt. It wasn’t as easy to make money from our timeshare as they alluded. We thought we were trapped for life and that future members of our family would be stuck with the timeshare, being harassed, and having fees for the rest of their lives. We did not want to leave this kind of debt to our family.

One day our daughter found an ad on Facebook for Wesley Financial Group (WFG) about getting out from under unwanted timeshares. We were skeptical because we had been lied to so much and presented with so many schemes that we did not know who to trust anymore. Our finances were getting limited at this point as we are retired. My wife has health issues and was very stressed over the fact this burden was depleting our current resources, our savings, and was going to be turned over to our family.

After many prayers and much deliberation we decided to take a chance with WFG. We were only promised to get out from under our tremendous burden of the timeshare. However, WFG got us some of our cost back as well. The amount we received back was sufficient to cover what WFG charged us.

We are so thankful we asked WFG to help. If you find yourselves in similar circumstances, you can trust WFG. They will lead you every step of the way and get you out of your timeshare burden. We now have peace of mind thanks to WFG."

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Our Process

FREE Consultation
After you receive our information, schedule your free consultation.
Account Review
Your assigned representative will create your file and assist you in having your account approved for a guaranteed cancellation.
Account Resolution
Our Resolution Department works to have your timeshare permanently terminated. You are assigned a single point of contact and receive timely and regular updates on your account.
Successful Termination
Congratulations, you are now timeshare free! You will receive confirmation that your timeshare is successful cancellation.
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